Harriet Campbell
Volunteering in Ukraine

I arrived in Lviv on the 8th April. Amazing to be back in this beautiful city! There is a definite change since I was here last year. Most notable is the lack of air raid alerts. I have not had a single one since arriving back in the city. When I was here last October, there were multiple alerts every day as well as missile strikes. I think this really shows how Russia is running out of missiles.

I have been helping at a warehouse just outside of the city putting together IFAKs (individual first aid kits). These are life saving kits for military personnel. Each contains a variety of items for different wounds as well as two CAT Gen7 tourniquets. These are widely regarded as the best on the market. A very good kit with the approximate value of about NZ$150 each.

Speaking of CAT tourniquets, I am currently in the process of trying to find about 15 of them for a de-mining crew operating in the Kharkiv area. A portion of your donation to me will go towards this so I'll keep you updated. Hope you are all doing well and I'll be in touch soon!

Shelter Box Champion